T. Yang and Y. Bellouard, "Laser-Induced Transition between Nonlinear and Linear Resonant Behaviors of a Micromechanical Oscillator," Physical Review Applied 7, (2017).
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We investigate both theoretically and experimentally a laser-based controlled tuning of the nonlinear behaviors of a single mechanical resonator. Thanks to localized three-dimensional modifications induced by femtosecond-laser irradiation, a Duffing-like oscillator is switched from a hardening resonance to a linear response and then to a softening resonance and exhibits a wide tunability of the resonant frequency and a remarkable increase of its linear dynamic range. The principles that underlie laser-tuned nonlinear oscillators are generic and simple, suggesting its wide applicability not only for micro- or nano-optomechanical systems but also as a generic framework for characterizing and understanding the physics of in-volume laser-affected zones.  (Download / PDF)