T. Tičkūnas, M. Perrenoud, S. Butkus, R. Gadonas, S. Rekštytė, M. Malinauskas, D. Paipulas, Y. Bellouard, and V. Sirutkaitis, "Combination of additive and subtractive laser 3D microprocessing in hybrid glass/polymer microsystems for chemical sensing applications," Opt. Express, OE 25, 26280–26288 (2017).
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We present a novel hybrid glass-polymer micromechanical sensor by combining two femtosecond laser direct writing processes: laser illumination followed by chemical etching of glass and two-photon polymerization. This incorporation of techniques demonstrates the capability of combining mechanical deformable devices made of silica with an integrated polymer structure for passive chemical sensing application. We demonstrate that such a sensor could be utilized for investigating the elastic properties of polymeric microstructures fabricated via the two-photon polymerization technique. Moreover, we show that polymeric microstructure stiffness increases when immersed in organic liquids. (Download / PDF)