C. J. de Jong, A. Lajevardipour, M. Gecevičius, M. Beresna, G. Gervinskas, P. G. Kazansky, Y. Bellouard, A. H. A. Clayton, and S. Juodkazis, "Deep-UV fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy," Photonics Research 3, 283 (2015).


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A novel fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) working with deep UV 240–280 nm wavelength excitations has been developed. UV-FLIM is used for measurement of defect-related fluorescence and its changes upon annealing from femtosecond laser-induced modifications in fused silica. This FLIM technique can be used with microfluidic and biosamples to characterize temporal characteristics of fluorescence upon UV excitation, a capability easily added to a standard microscope-based FLIM. UV-FLIM was tested to show annealing of the defects induced by silica structuring with ultrashort laser pulses. Frequency-domain fluorescence measurements were converted into the time domain to extract long fluorescence lifetimes from defects in silica. (Download / PDF)